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Young Learners Summer Camp

This summer we’re offering 6 exciting weeks of  summer camp! 

Week 1 (June 16, 17, 18) Creative Movement:  Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Bianca will get your child’s body moving through a variety of whole body movement through music, games, art and exercise!  Throughout class students will participate in dance, obstacle courses, group games, large motor art projects and imaginary play. These activities help preschoolers improve their focus, attention, working memory, mental flexibility, and self control all while developing their large motor skills and having fun! 

Week 2 (June 23, 24, 25) Spanish: Ms. Bianca and Ms. Lindsey will lead the children in an engaging class designed to expose your child to Spanish language and culture through natural play, stories, songs, movement, and art. Classes will be led in English with directions, songs, and stories delivered in Spanish.

Week 3 (July 7, 8, 9) Science: Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Bianca will lead the children in scientific exploration through indoor and outdoor discoveries.  The class will explore earth science through natural, sensorial materials, hands on experiments, books and songs.

Week 4 (July 14,15,16) Music:   Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Bianca will lead the children in a fun filled week of music exploration.  The children will sing, dance, explore rhythmic patterns and work with a variety of instruments.

Week 5 (July 21,22,23) Reader’s Theatre: Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Bianca will lead the class in reading stories then acting them out.  Each day’s activities will be grounded in the stories the children are reading. This wonderful week of reading and bringing stories to life will help your child strengthen his/her pre-reading skills. 

Week 6 (July 28,29,30) Art: Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Bianca will lead the children through multi-medium, hands-on, art exploration to enhance your child’s self-expression and creativity. Art exploration supports preschoolers in fine motor development, visual/spatial relationships, sensory development, and planning/processing skills. Children will tap into their imaginations as they create wonderful art to share with their families.

Days & Times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8:30am - 11:30am

Per Week Tuition: $300.00. Sign your child up for one session or all six.

Due Date: applications due March 15

Sign up today! Click the application link below. Mail your application and payment to: 

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Summer Camp Application